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Safe and Secure Erotica for your enjoyment!
Safe and Secure erotica for your satisfaction and enjoyment!

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Access to Ms. Erotica's Pleasure Palace requires a CODEKEY which you may purchase for $19.95 (US Dollars). By purchasing a CODEKEY you are affirming that you are an adult of sound mind and legal age (18 years old or older), that you are responsible for your own actions and will obey all terms of service, laws and other rules or regulations that are applicable to usage of on-line services. Your CODEKEY will expire after twelve (12) months unless renewed 30 days prior to expiration.

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Be sure to put your CODEKEY in a safe place and do not give it to anyone else. We will setup and activate your CODEKEY as soon as confirmation of payment is received from PayPal which accepts many major credit cards. There is no refund or return accepted as once we make and release you CODEKEY you will have full access to all programs, software, files, links, offers and other special content that is in the vault.

Why should I get and use a CODEKEY?

Using a CODEKEY and secure VAULT site prevents anyone else from being able to access the protected site. This helps protect your privacy. As long as you do not give your CODEKEY to someone else, no one in your family, home, office, school or anywhere else will be able to get access to the secure site. This is very important when viewing erotica, especially in ultra conservative societies, environments or situations where you do not want someone else knowing what you are looking at, viewing or doing while on the Internet. We also recommend that you delete your browser HISTORY and COOKIES after you are using the Internet and on a regular basis. Using a CODEKEY and practicing safe browsing habits, will help protect your privacy.

What is inside Ms. Erotica's Pleasure Palace?

Inside Ms. Erotica's Pleasure Palace you will find a collection of valuable and treasured software, files, photos, videos, games and other erotica for your satisfaction and enjoyment. Also you may be introduced to some wild, crazy and very sexy women. There are doors, portals and links to live chatrooms plus great and wonderful on-line entertainment. You may even find erotic art, how to manuals or articles, help with problems related to the bedroom or relationships, and a wide variety of other erotic material. We will also be adding new erotica over time as it comes available so check back often.

Once your receive your CODEKEY you should save it in a safe place and not let anyone else get access to it. Your CODEKEY is a very valuable commodity; if you lose it you have to buy a new one. In this manner we insure our clients access to safe, secure and trusted software, files, photos, videos and other digital content.

Get your CODEKEY now for only $19.95 and begin enjoying the benefits of safe and secure software and digital content you can trust.

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